I knew 20+ years ago when I began in this industry that feet were going to be my passion. So much so that I made an appointment with a podiatrist ( who actually thought I was there for a foot problem) just to ask questions about how I could be the best at caring for feet. The research fanatic I am began there and my love and compassion for our elders brought me to where I am today- focusing on how I can make a difference-bring a smile-listen to their life stories and most of all, give them the TLC they deserve from a trained professional with a medical background who leaves as a friend. I have kept Foot-O-Logy as "referred only" simply because I would rather have a family member call me for my services. I like to get to know the family and personally, they know their loved one more than any referring physician/podiatrist/senior assisted facility etc.
Too often I'm told, "I didn't even know someone like you existed...I didn't realize there are different techniques for elder foot care...I just thought everyone performing pedicures were trained accordingly..etc."
As far as credentials..I am not a podiatrist and refer my clients accordingly. I am licensed in the state of MI as a Manicurist. I have 6 years of medical training with the most recent performed at Messenger Dermatology. I am a Certified Sterile Processor It's time everyone knows...there is someone out there.

  • I am licensed to perform hands and feet care ANYWHERE in the state of Michigan.
  • I am mobile and will come to your loved one.
  • I also accept clients also in a salon/spa atmosphere if preferred

I customize (do not treat) foot care and am familiar with the medical conditions such as (but not limited to):

Diabetic conditions and complications

*Neuropathy- Decreased/abnormal sensation because of nerve damage
*Assessing circulatory needs in the lower extremities
*Diabetic's are high risk for developing gangrene of the feet. Poor eyesight (from age/diabetic retinopathy) combined with decreased sensation in the lower extremities (diabetic neuropathy) makes it easier for diabetic clients to cut themselves when trimming their toenails. These cuts do not heal because of poor blood flow (atherosclerosis) and can progress to gangrene which often goes unnoticed until it's too late.

Dermatological conditions

*Plantar warts
*Fungus (tinea) or a skin infection thats feeds on epidermal cells, multiply quickly in warm, moist environments and/or enclosed areas such as socks/shoes/slippers
*Athletes foot (tinea pedis)
*Herpes whitlow is a herpes simplex infection at the base of the fingernail that usually enters through a tear (even a paper cut) in the cuticle.
*Xeroderma-Excessive dryness of the skin (heels) that can cause a fissure (cracks).

Arthritis hands and feet
Ingrown Toenails
Paralysis patients (ALS, Stroke related)

The importance of circulatory lower extremity massage and how I perform it: CUSTOM TO EVERY SITUATION. Based on my medical background I'm familiar with and only use products that are:
* safe and gentle for thin skin*hypoallergenic
I do not massage:
open sores, skin ulcers, or burn wounds
eczema or undiagnosed rashes
the site of an injury or surgery
sore, enlarged lymph nodes. Every client is different, and it is important to evaluate each one individually to determine if geriatric massage is an appropriate addition.